Leader Onew ♥♥

3. march 2011 at 16:32 | Reiko
My love :) ♥

Yoseob and Onew have an English battle on ‘100 Points out of 100′

1. march 2011 at 20:32 | Reiko

On a recent episode of KBS2TV's '100 Points out of 100', SHINee's Onew and B2ST's Yoseob had their English skills tested by the cast members.
MC Park Myung Soo tested the two idols' English by asking them to pronounce 'Would you like something to drink?' Onew said the line fluently while Yoseob stumbled over it, and the cast jeered over his 'poor' English skills. The cast called it the 'English that you learn when you happen to make money quickly'.
Then they sang Eric Benet's "The Last Time", and Yoseob was criticized again at his poor pronunciation of 'at all'. This time the cast made fun of him for making it sound like 'ero'.
Check out the clip below:

nekomentujem.. ale mojej Onew je uzasny :) ahhh milujem ho .. nadhera :) ♥♥
Onew Onew ked spievas po anglicky taksiproste na sozratie:) ♥

Onew's reaction to electric fan breeze

26. february 2011 at 18:07 | Reiko
toto nemalo chybu ~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! chudacik Onew ako ho to odhodilo a potomjeho cute ale vydeseny vyraz :D ♥

Onew ♥

25. february 2011 at 14:48 | Reiko
ja si to proste neodpustim :) prvy clonok co tu je (poriadny clanok) su fotky naseho zlatina, ltore sa stara o vstkych, no malo by mysliet na seba a svoje zdravie :( take Onew saranghae;) a hlavne fighting ♥♥